About Us

SHENMA Credit Sdn Bhd (SHENMA) is a consumer durable products financing provider in Malaysia, for our community. SHENMA is posed to provide the local community credit to improve their basic lifestyle through affordable and versatile instalment plan. The driving force behind SHENMA business, is a group of people with vast experience in consumer durable products financing and financing technology, commited to deliver to our community the best alternative in products financing solution.

Being a customer experience centric business entity, your banking journey is set to be seamless, simplicity and easy access.

Our Purpose

SHENMA's purpose is to provide our community an easy access platform to consumer durable products financing. We also want to inspire our community live in better lifestyle.
Our Ambitions

We have defined overarching ambitions which guide our works on today's financial technology in consumer durable products financing eco-system.
Our Values

Guided by our core values rooted from customer experience, we want to serve the community with affordable and easy financing.