It is a shariah certified financing scheme granted to our consumers for purchasing of motorcycle through Islamic Hire Purchase Financing arrangement.
Yes, it is governed under the Hire-Purchase Act 1967.
Yes, currently SHENMA Credit Islamic Hire Purchase Financing Scheme is available in selected region, please visit our website; for our appointed merchants’ location.
Employed Self-employed
  • Copy of NRIC
  • Latest Salary Statement
  • Latest EPF Statement (if any)
  • Copy of NRIC
  • Latest 3 Months Bank Statement
  • Business Registration Forms

Note: SHENMA Credit reserves the right to request for additionally supporting documents if necessary.
SHENMA Small Bike (below 200cc) Financing period is up to 60 months and higher capacity bike (200cc and above) is up to 84 months. You can select the stated repayment period based on your financial obligations and capability.
Currently, we are concentrated in a few major motorcycle brands, such as; SYM, Benelli, SM Sport, Keeway, Brixton, WMOTO, TGB, QJ Motor and Moto Morini. We may expand the motorcycle brand range in the future, please get the update from time to time at our website;
Package Profit Rate Maximum Financing Margin
Small Bike Financing (<200cc) 10% p.a. 90%
Big Bike Financing (200 – 500cc) 9% p.a. 90%
Super Bike Financing (>501cc) 8% p.a. 90%
Our financing scheme covers wide range of motorcycle capacity, repayment period up to 84 months and high financing margin of up to 90%.
Subject to your financial position and our credit policy, personal guarantor may not be a requirement in applying SHENMA Credit Islamic Hire Purchase Financing.

We have made available multiple convenient payment channels for you to make your monthly repayment, please visit for more information.

Customer personal information is important to us. Our staff are trained to handle customer personal information and only authorised staff are allowed to handle such information with high confidentiality.
Your motorcycle under the SHENMA Credit Islamic Hire Purchase Financing shall be insured sufficiently, in a comprehensive insurance coverage and SHENMA Credit Sdn Bhd as its owner / beneficiary.

A police report shall be made in the event of theft, accidental damage etc. within the next 24 hours. Prepare the following document and submit to your insurance agent;

01.Obtain and fill in the insurance claim form from the relevant insurance company.

02. Prepare the following documents:
  • Copy of NRIC
  • Copy of valid license
  • Original copy of road tax
  • Original copy of police report
  • Copy of vehicle registration card / Vehicle Ownership Certificate
  • Copy of insurance cover note
  • Copy of Hire Purchase Agreement
Notify SHENMA Credit Sdn Bhd of the event and your latest contact details, if any at

Note: Even the motorcycle has been stolen or damage, you have to serve the monthly instalment or any outstanding balance, if any.

Q: Can I download and registered to SHENMA Mobile once I collected my motorcycle from the merchant?

A: Yes, after your motorcycle financing account has been activated in two weeks.

Q: How to get my motorcycle financing agreement number?

A: The SHENMA Credit Islamic Hire Purchase Agreement will be posted to you via registered mail. You will find your financing agreement number at the top right corner of the Agreement. OR you may contact us at

Q: Can I use either SHENMA Mobile or the Customer Portal?

A: Yes.

Q: Any specific mobile phone that are not allowed to use SHENMA Mobile?

A: Any mobile devices that are operating in Apple iOS, Android 6.0 and above or HarmonyOS, will be able to use SHENMA Mobile.

Q: If I do not have a mobile phone, how can I access to my financing account?

A: You can manage your financing account using our customer portal at

Q: How to update my personal profile with SHENMA Credit if the information has changed?

A: You can update your personal details at SHENMA customer portal at

Q: How to change my 6 digits PIN?

A: You can delete the device in “My Devices” on SHENMA Mobile or uninstall and then re-install the SHENMA Mobile application for that purpose.

Q: How can I check the payment made to my financing account?

A: Your payment will be listed in details in your financing account which includes any payment made from Online Bank Transfer, ATM, Payment at Merchant and X-Kiosk

Q: How can I reset my forgotten password?

    1. Login to our customer portal ( and enter your username.
    2. Confirm your security image and security phrase.
    3. Click “ Forgotten your password” link.
    4. Re-enter your username.
    5. An OTP will be send to your mobile phone.
    6. Reset your password.