SHENMA Flood Warranty 
This flood warranty is an optional add-on for SHENMA Credit customers who purchased a motorcycles with a displacement of 185cc or less starting
1 July 2022. Due to the unpredictability
 weather, we want to give our customers a peace of mind and the assurance that their motorcycle would be covered
in the event of this natural disaster.


This warranty covered all damages caused solely by flooding includes:
  • Replacement parts.
  • Labour cost.
  • Transportation fees. (from pick up point to service centre)
  • Claim up to 2 times / RM3,000. (whichever comes first)


This flood warranty is available at any SHENMA Credit authorized partner's shop to be included into motorcycle loan.


Documents Required for Claiming Purposes
a) SHENMA Flood Warranty Claim Form. Download here.
b) A copy of of police report.
c) A copy of the motorcycle owner's NRIC.
d) A copy of Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC).
e) Motorcycle photos. (front, back, left, and right)

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1. What areas of the warranty are covered?
Peninsular Malaysia.

2. Who is eligible to purchase this warranty?
Consumers who purchased a motorcycle with SHENMA Credit loan starting 1 July 2022 are eligible for this warranty.

3. Can this warranty to be included in the motorcycle loan?
The charges of the flood warranty can be included in the SHENMA Motorcycle loan.

4. Can I cancel this warranty?
No, this warranty is non transferrable and cancellable.

5. Can I extend the warranty period?
No, this warranty period cannot be extended after expiry.

6. Is there a penalty if I am unable to pick up the motorcycle after it has been repaired?
The merchant has the right to charge a RM5.00 per day for the storage fee after the 7 days due date.

7. What are the Hotline number to contact in case of claiming the warranty?
Please contact our customer service representative at 04-523 0033 for any enquiries regarding the flood warranty.

You can
a) Verify whether your warranty is still valid.
b) Claim procedures.
c) Repair status.


Kindly download our Product Disclosure Sheet here